Meccaniche Veloci launches a trade-in program for pre-owned watches


Independent watchmaker Meccaniche Veloci has launched a trade-in program committed to buying back watches produced between 2006 and 2015 for people looking to contribute to the cost of a new model.

The initiative also aims to reassure customers of the long term value of their watches.

“The brand has greatly evolved over the past few years. With this program, we are talking to our customers and reassuring them of the value of their timepiece and encouraging them to purchase a new model,” says Cesare Cerrito, CEO of Meccaniche Veloci.


It launches online with 300 models produced between 2006 and 2015 displayed with the price Meccaniche Veloci will pay for a trade-in when they purchase a new watch.




Since 2006, Meccaniche Veloci has been producing watches with a distinct, unmistakable aesthetic, featuring a piston-shaped case and watch faces made up of four small dials.

In 2016 the company moved to Switzerland and the brand became Meccaniche Veloci Genève. Its essence remained unchanged, but a new “engine” was developed for the timepiece with the manufacture calibre MV8802, a unique movement capable of handling the brand’s characteristic four time zones simultaneously.


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