MB&F and L’Epée join forces for an out of this world creation


MB&F and L’Epée are teaming up once more to bring yet another crazy horological piece to the world.

MB&F, independent watchmaker and L’Epée, historical clockmaker, have built up a reputation of enormous and complex creations, making horological robots, spiders, rocket ships, and now UFOs.

The Fifth Element is a 15kg horological UFO comprised of steel, brass and bronze. It is essentially a structure that houses four removable domes of which each boast a mechanical function.


The four pieces are an 8 day hours and minutes clock, a barometer, a thermometer and a hygrometer.

Each of these large, polished black dial domes can also stand freely from the main Fifth Element structure, explains MB&F.

The housing structure also has a rotating wheel on which a small alien sits.

The piece comes in silver, black and blue, each three of these colours only having 18 pieces each.


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