MB&F launches HM5 with a 70s vibe


MB&F has unveiled a brand new timepieces with a 1970s twist – the HM5 ‘On the Road’ – which takes inspiration from the details and bodywork of cars from the era.

The brand said: “Horological Machine No.5 is the epitome of the ‘70s – a time when everything seemed possible: space exploration, supersonic flight, hovercrafts, jet packs and the first supercars like the Lamborghini Miura.

“In the watchmaking world, quartz movements and LED displays prepared to wipe out traditional mechanical movements. And if you asked someone back then, what timepieces would look like in the year 2012, the answer was certainly not “round, white dials, with hour, minute and second hands” – like most watches still are today.”


Describing the watch a cocktail of ingredients, the HM5 has been nicknamed ‘On the Road Again’ in reference to its detailing that takes inspiration directly from supercars, such as their aerodynamic bodywork, rear flaps, exhausts and dashboards.

On a technical note, the HM5 has managed to combine an automatic movement with magnifying sapphire glass, to the watch’s bi-directional jumping hours and minutes vertically.


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