MB&F introduces man’s best friend: the HM10 Bulldog


It has a body, four legs, a big head, two eyes, a brain and jaws; and it is called the MB&F Bulldog, or to give its full title, Horological Machine No.10 Bulldog.

The watches have a rounded, compact body of titanium or red gold measuring 54mm x 45mm x 24mm.

Two prominent aluminium time-display eyes rotate to show hours and minutes. Its heart is an all new manual-winding in-house movement beating at 2.5Hz. I’m not sure about the jaws and legs, but you get the idea.


The design came to MB&F founder Max Büsser while he was day dreaming during a trip to Japan.

“What you see now in front of you is more or less exactly what I saw at the time,” says Mr Büsser, “And it was the first time I actually saw a watch in my mind, just like that.”

HM10 Bulldog is available in two editions this year, one with a titanium case and blue dials priced at $105,000, the other in 18ct red gold and titanium case with black dials that costs $120,000.







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