Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Over the centuries, to the credit of the innovative spirit and perfectionism of its watchmakers, Switzerland has earned a one-of-a-kind reputation. Maurice Lacroix is committed to uphold this tradition and high standard of watchmaking craftsmanship. 

For more than 40 years, Maurice Lacroix watches have been manufactured in the company’s own state-of the-art workshops in Saignelegier. 

Here, all factors critical to the successful production of excellent watches with high perceived value converge: watchmaking know-how, skilled craftsmanship, industrial expertise, technological capability, and, not least, a pronounced sense of quality. #MasterYourTime with Maurice Lacroix

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Maurice Lacroix taps into luxury athleisure trend with Aikon Automatic Chronograph Sprint

Maurice Lacroix is accepting pre-orders now for its Aikon Automatic Chronograph Sprint, the latest addition to a growing and increasingly successful Aikon family.

Geneva Watch Days looks like a permanent fixture as 2022 event is announced

Geneva Watch Days was launched as a stop gap show, squeezed into the summer of 2020 when the pandemic in Europe appeared to have abated, but has become a surprise hit thanks to its people-focused format.

Maurice Lacroix expands its bestselling AIKON automatics collection

Maurice Lacroix used Geneva Watch Days to present the breadth its AIKON sports luxury watch family and to introduce a number of new dial colours and strap options.

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