Maurice Lacroix reaches out to runners using the Strava app


Maurice Lacroix may be set to launch its first hybrid connected or smartwatch this year after signing a partnership with Strava, one of the world’s most popular apps for runners and cyclists.

Strava helps enthusiast and professional athletes keep track of their exercise programs, and keep track of them in competition with other Strava users.

Swiss watchmaker Maurice Lacroix is unveiling its 2021 collections this week, so we do not have long to wait before finding out if it is going in the direction of connected timekeepers.


With or without a connected watch, Maurice Lacroix is associating itself with the Strava app by launching the #MLRC members of the club that invites athletes to participate in four different challenges to win prizes including an AIKON Chronograph 44mm limited edition.

There will be one challenge every few weeks from the launch on March 29.

Each challenge will be presented by Maurice Lacroix’s coach and friend, the Swiss sprinter, Sarah Atcho.

Anybody can join the Maurice Lacroix Running Club by visiting https://www.strava.com/clubs/mauricelacroix.

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