Manufacture Royale presents two-speed double tourbillon at Salon QP


Manufacture Royale will demonstrate its very latest 1770 Micromegas Revolution for the first time in the UK at SalonQP.

Named after a short story by the company’s founder, the philosopher Voltaire, the timepiece has two flying tourbillons spinning at two different rotation speeds, one at 6 seconds and the other at 60 seconds.

An hour hand tracks a subdial while a skeletonised turning disc indicates minutes.

The watch isn’t the first in the world to have two tourbillions, but Manufacure Royale claims it is the first to see two tourbillon cages rotating at a different rate.

The cage on the left side of the dial completes a rotation in only 6 seconds, whereas the cage on the right side of the dial moves 10 times slower, requiring a full minute to complete its rotation.

Both cages are connected by a torque stabiliser directly linked to the main power source, the barrel, with no intermediaries for the regulating mechanisms.

The 1770 Micromegas Revolution uses a new mechanism, the automatic calibre MR08 with a 40 hour power reserve.

They are available in titanium, priced at CHF 137,000 and in rose gold for CHF 162,000.



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