Manufacture acquisition works wonders for Bovet


Bovet 1822 has spoken of the pride it has in its manufacturing facility, the Dimier 1738 manufacture.

Owner of Bovet 1822, Pascal Raffy, acquired the manufacture in June 2006 and has since developed the facility into a world-leading centre for watchmaking.

Shortly after the acquisition the company unveiled the first timepiece in the Dimier collection – the Recital 1 – which was characterised by cases with four lugs and a crown placed traditionally at 3 o’clock.


The seventy craftsmen who work in the manufacture’s various workshops represent 41 different crafts. On the back of this, the Dimier 1738 manufacture has developed and manufactured 59 different calibres.

By owning the Dimier 1738 manufacture, Bovet 1822 now has total control over its production (everything except for the jewels and barrel springs are produced at the manufacture), which has become increasingly important since Swatch Group announced the phasing out of the distribution of its ETA movements.

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