Magnify Brands to provide watch businesses with “proven solutions” in tackling COVID


Magnify Brands is striving to provide watch businesses with what it describes as proven solutions that actively tackle the ongoing daily challenges of COVID-19.

The solutions aim to enable firms to remain fully open & operational with a sanitising, anti-bacterial product portfolio which now offers clients a “turnkey” solution for keeping businesses operational and customers, guests & staff as safe as possible.

The company explained: “Contrary to what some might say there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to making an institute/establishment/premises/offices/business COVID safe.


“That’s why here at Magnify Brands we have created a portfolio of products that offer our clients, a practical & economic “turnkey solution”. A solution that will provide our clients; colleagues, guests & visitors with the confidence that, as a business, they are doing the very best to keep them safe.”

The first is Protect-Aid. Made in Denmark, it was the first to market premium antibacterial Travel ‘First-Aid Kit’ for the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Market.

The kits contain a mix of items to keep consumers & staff safe; 5x 3-layer masks, 2x FFP2 masks, 1x 50ml 75% alcohol content with aloe vera, 2x premium latex gloves & 5x highly effective surface wipes which contain BZK (Benzalkonium Chloride).

Find out more about Protect-Aid HERE.

Another is Ozonebreeze. Also made in Denmark with a proven, green technology, that thoroughly sanitises every inch, even undersides, impossible to reach areas of rooms.

A one-time purchase cost, no ongoing maintenance or service charge, it is a plug and play service.

Additionally, thanks to OzoneBreeze’s built in timer it can be used in the middle of the night to avoid any disruption to your core business.

Find out more about OzoneBreeze HERE.

The final solution is the SaniArch, a British designed & manufactured fully automated walk through sanitising system.

It reduces the risk of transmitting viruses & gives customers, guests & staff with the confidence that all efforts are being made to protect them, especially in public places.

SaniArch systems is another layer of protection against viral transmission and cross-contamination, which maintains the sterile indoor environment throughout the day.

Find out more about SaniArch HERE.

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