Lymited continues on growth path with Backes & Strauss team-up


Backes & Strauss has teamed up with Lymited, an online marketplace for luxury and limited edition collectibles.

Launched in 2021 as a digital destination to buy and sell limited edition collectibles, Lymited’s vision is to become a network of the best in the industry, bringing together experts, collectors, brands and creatives on a fast and functional platform.

Backes and Strauss CEO Vartkess Knadjian, explained: “We live in a rapidly changing world and the luxury watch market is no exception to that rule.”


Adding: “This collaboration will not only help Backes & Strauss reach more luxury watch collectors around the world, but it will also help us adapt to an industry that is increasingly moving online in the post-pandemic world.”

The partnership will involve the offering of a selection of Backes & Strauss timepieces on the Lymited website, all curated from the company’s limited and bespoke collections.

Other types of jewellery are also available on the platform, as well as art, design, fashion, and alcoholic beverages.

Lymited founder and CEO, Romane Howsam, said: “We at Lymited are extremely excited to be working with one of the world’s most exclusive luxury watch companies in Backes & Strauss.

“Like so many industries, the watch market is constantly changing to meet the needs of its growing customer base, and this partnership will help further position Lymited towards its goal of becoming the world’s most exclusive online luxury marketplace.”

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