Luxury Swiss watchmaker looks to cash in on Pokémon craze

Costumed performers as Pikachu, the popular animation Pokemon series character, perform at the Yokohama Dance Parade in Yokohama on August 2, 2015. The dance began on August 1 and will run for 65 days throughout the city, with more than 200 dance programmes. AFP PHOTO / KAZUHIRO NOGI (Photo credit should read KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/Getty Images)

Luxury Swiss watchmakers might not be the obvious businesses to partner with Japanese gaming sensation Pokémon, but that is precisely what RJ-Romain Jerome is doing later this year.

Details are still under wraps, but the watchmaker has teased the market with news that it has been planning a collaboration with The Pokémon Company for several months, and will be collaborating on a limited edition launch of 20 timepieces this autumn that will incorporate “Pokémon DNA”.

The release comes as the Nintendo-created family of pocket-sized animated monsters celebrates its 20th anniversary, and will benefit from the explosive growth of Pokémon Go, a smartphone-based augmented reality game.


rj-romain-jerome-super-mario-brosThis isn’t the first collaboration between RJ-Romain Jerome and a Nintendo computer game character. In the run up to Christmas last year, the company created a Super Mario Bros. watch that combined Swiss watch craftsmanship with iconography from the game.

A limited run of 85 units were created, with sold for over £10,000 each.

The company has previously created playful watches themed with a Batman Dark Knight design and featured vintage computer game Tetris on the face of another collection.

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