Luminox pays tribute to Navy SEALs that survive Hell Week


Luminox has a long-held association with the US Navy SEALs, and now taken inspiration from its infamous “Hell Week” for a limited edition Carbon Seal that launches this month.

Surviving Hell Week’s brutal challenges requires many of the same characteristics associated with Luminox’s watches, such as strength, toughness and endurance.

The Master Carbon Navy SEAL 3800 Hell Week special is limited to 827 pieces.


It is made from grey Carbonox with red markings for the final 15 minutes on its unidirectional bezel.

There is also a red zone at the bottom of the dial where the unofficial Navy SEAL motto: “The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday” appears.

The limited production number of 827 was chosen because it is a key score in the SEALs’ Physical Screening Test. Candidates who have PST scores below 827 are three times more likely to succeed at Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training (BUD/S) than those who only meet the minimum requirements.

With nearly two thirds of each class quitting or “ringing the bell” due to pain or fatigue during BUD/S, the number 827 celebrates the toughest minds, bodies, and souls who have what it takes to earn Navy SEAL status, Luminox says.

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