Louis Moinet double tourbillon watches are out of this world


Louis Moinet has launched two new watches, both using double tourbillons and both using rare materials.

Both the new Dhofar and the Acasta are built around the manual, 47.4 mm, 36-jewel LM52 calibre with a 52-hour power reserve. The movement accounts for the hours and minutes found on a small dial at the 12 o’clock position, as well as the two tourbillon functions.

The two tourbillons rotate in opposite directions – a first in watchmaking. The diameter of each of the cages is 14.9 millimetres, making them the largest double tourbillons in the world according to the brand. Raised 1.75 millimetres above the dial, their blue-tinted titanium upper bridges sit above the hours and minutes.


The Dhofar piece uses rock from the moon as part of its dial, the pattern found on the small dial is comprised of this meteorite. The Acasta instead uses rock estimated at over 4 billion years old for its pattern on the dial.

Both pieces have an engraved case and flange; however the Ancasta comes in rose gold while the Dhofar comes in white. Both pieces go for CHF 320,000.



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