Louis Moinet gathers supplies from all over the galaxy for latest watch


Louis Moinet’s Sideralis collection adds a new member as the brand creates a red quartz gem dial that uses space dust from the Moon, Mars and Mercury.

Dubbed as aventurine, it is a gemstone known for its translucency and shimmering effect. The company says that red aventurine is far rarer than the usual blues or greens you’d find, given that it’s not listed as a colour for aventurine in Google.

The new piece from Louis Moinet Sideralis comes in an 18ct pink gold case, clocking in at 47mm. Within this is the two oppositely rotating oversized tourbillions, as well as the dial set at 12 o’clock that allows for hours and minutes.


The dial which tells hours and minutes is comprised of two layered discs, one for the timekeeping and one to display a painting of Mars, the Moon and Mercury. Similar to previous ‘astro’ pieces from the brand, these small paintings house dust from all three of these planets/moons in our solar system.

“Each of the micro-paintings includes genuine dust from the heavenly body in question: a fragment of Mars, moon dust, and extremely rare fragments of the Rosetta Stone, whose scientific name is Sahara 99555. This stone has travelled across the universe to reach us, and is the oldest known to mankind – four and half billion years old. Scientists believe it comes from Mercury,” explains Jean-Marie Schaller, CEO.

Beneath the aventurine dial and subdial is the movement which accounts for the 72 hours of autonomy and the 14.9mm tourbillon cages.

The 12-piece watch comes with an alligator strap and an undisclosed price tag.

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