Lotus and Festina win buyers’ attention for Unique


Distributor Unique Jewelry has reported the positive reaction to its newly-launched Lotus watch brand, as well as Festina, during its appearance at The Jewellery Show in Birmingham earlier this month.

Unique Jewelry’s co-founder Daniel Ozel said that buyers appeared to be on the look-out for "watches with added benefits" or stories. Unique Jewelry also allocated more stand space to its watch collection, following the growing success of its brands.

Ozel said: "The show was a great success for us. We were busy and one of the highlights was launching our new watch brand Lotus. There was a lot interest in Lotus, as it is new to the UK, with new customers taking it on as well as some of our key, existing accounts.


"Festina was also popular with its links to global events and the brand potential for the future with the interest in cycling growing. Customers liked the background to our Festina Tour of Britain and Tour de France watches, particularly with 2013 being anniversary years for both events."

Unique Jewelry has also placed more focus on marketing for its brands in 2013, booking Festina advertisements in Men’s Health.

"We found customers were looking for watches with added benefits, whether this was a Swiss made brand, such as Candino, or whether this was from the story behind the watch. It seems they were looking for additional extras that would mean these watches stand out in their stores," explained Ozel.

The distributor’s brands also enjoyed a number of re-orders, in particular for Festina. The company also opened new accounts and said that it has interest from new, potential customers for all three of its watch brands.


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