Lorry driving granddad in Parkhouse smash-and-grab

By Hallie Engel

A grandfather fearing redundancy performed a daring smash-and-grab raid on Parkhouse the Jeweller in Southampton by driving into it with his articulated lorry.

Gary Barnes grabbed several Rolex watches from the window display and threatened to shoot a store manager that confronted him after crashing into the store.

Barnes then detached the cab from the lorry and drove away, with the intention of selling the watches for cash before fleeing abroad. Barnes claimed he thought he was about to lose his job, so carried out the robbery to ensure he had additional case. It later turned out that his job was safe, though he now faces imprisonment.

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Police apprehended Barnes 20 minutes later. He pleaded guilty in court on March 25, and now faces a prison sentence. All of the watches were recovered, though some were damaged.



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