Loomes to unleash White Robin at Game Fair


British watchmaker Robert Loomes is set to release a new model at the CLA Game Fair in July.

The White Robin will be hand built to order in a limited run of 100 pieces featuring Stainless Steel cases from Sheffield and white glass enamel dials, kiln-fired in Stamford, the home of Robert Loomes & Co.

Robert Loomes, technical director, said: “I am immensely proud of what we have created. This is the first time Britain has seen proper watch manufacturing in over a generation. We have already expanded our production capacity this year.”


The White Robin is significant as every component has been manufactured in Britain, with hundreds of hours going into the manufacture of each one of the hand­wound mechanical watches.

Robina Hill, managing director, added: “If the twentieth century was about globalisation then the twenty first is about localisation. People often buy a watch, only to discover later that much of it was actually made in China. What we wanted to do was create beautiful, traditional watches for ladies and gentlemen using nothing but British components. We can tell you the origin of every scrap of metal; they are produced by British craftsmen and woman capable of the finest watchmaking in the world.”


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