Loomes defies skeptics to manufacture mechanical movement entirely in the UK


They said it could never be done, but on Thursday, Loomes will unveil its first watch housing a movement made entirely in England.

The Loomes Stamford Original, which will launch at SalonQP on Thursday, is a completely new movement.

Every component is manufactured in England. Much of the turning work was outsourced to around twenty middle-England precision engineering companies. From there the watches were slowly built up in the company’s Stamford workshops.


A staff of fifteen machine and jewel the plates, cocks and bridges in small batches and  machine cases and dials. “Even the  screws and jewels are made in England,” says the company’s owner Robert Loomes.

Loomes also makes its own watch cases and dials, allowing the company to launch a short run of watches using the Stamford Original movement, which is 29mm across and 4.6mm deep.

The first watch, also known as the Stamford, will be on show at SalonQP. It is a simple, clean timepiece with just hour and minute hands on a £28,000 watch. Only 24 are being made, 12 in white gold and 12 in yellow gold. They will be available to buy in 2017.

“We were driven on by those in the industry who said this “couldn’t be done” (the manufacturing of all the components in England). Robert stubbornly believed it could and has spent the last few years working towards this moment,” a company spokesperson says.


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