Long’s Jewelers set to open Patek Philippe showroom in Boston

Newbury Street in Boston. (Picture by King of Hearts - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=110731777)

Long’s Jewelers is opening a Patek Philippe showroom in Boston later this year, the company has revealed.

The showroom is on the prestigious Newbury Street, directly opposite America’s largest Rolex boutique, which was opened by Long’s last year.

It will be a two-story retail space occupying a total of 4,600 square feet with Patek Philippe exclusively at street level and jewelry on the second floor.


There will be suites for private appointments as well as a rooftop terrace for entertaining.

“Long’s Jewelers is proud to partner with the world’s most remarkable and respected watchmaker to bring both an unmatched array of stellar products and a uniquely immersive shopping environment to Boston,” says Craig Rottenberg, president of Long’s.

“Both Long’s and Patek Philippe are family-owned companies with deep historical roots that are known for upholding traditions of excellence, innovation and unparalleled customer service, which made this collaboration a perfect fit,” he adds.

Newbury Street has become known as Luxury Row in Boston thanks to a cluster of luxury boutiques including Rolex, Burberry, Tiffany & Co., Chanel, Bulgari, Richard Mille and Cartier.

It is the prime location for a brand like Patek Philippe, according to Patek Philippe USA president, Lisa Jones.

“We are delighted to begin a new partnership with Long’s Jewelers and expand Patek Philippe’s presence on Boston’s Newbury Street,” she says.

“Boston has always been an important market for timepieces, and we are confident in Long’s ability to represent Patek Philippe at the highest level, while providing an exemplary and personalized customer experience to local clientele. We look forward to inviting customers to explore our fine Swiss mechanical timepieces through the knowledge and passion of Long’s Jewelers.”

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