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London Jewelers lands big fish as Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary finally gets his Nautilus



The Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A is changing hands on the secondary market for over $60,000, such is the demand for this $30,000 steel sports watch.


But even if you a multi-millionaire media and business giant like Shark Tank’s Mark O’Leary, the greatest satisfaction comes from wanting the watch for a decade, putting your name down on a waiting list and finally getting the call that the watch of your dreams is about to be yours.

That moment arrived for Mr O’Leary last month, when London Jewelers on Long Island’s Manhasset invited him into their Patek Philippe boutique to collect his timepiece.

Like any self-respecting celebrity, Mr O’Leary went along with a camera crew — Ray Parisi from CNBC did the honors — and the handover by London Jewelers store manager Michael Edelman was captured for posterity.

Mr O’Leary loves the watch so much, and has waited so long for it, that the tough-talking shark was moved to tears.


CNBC’s Ray Parisi and Kevin O’Leary celebrate outside London Jewelers. (Credit @rayparisi Instagram)


“If you’re a watch collector, it’s at the top of your list everywhere in the world and when you see one, the aura drags you right to it. I’ve seen grown men weep in the presence of this watch and that’s never going to end,” said Mr O’Leary.

Mr O’Leary may be all about making money, but he has no intention of flipping his prized Nautilus. Instead, he tells London Jewelers’ Mr Edelman that he will be buried with it.

Perhaps he has not remembered the famous Patek Philippe adage that you never actually own one of its watches, but are merely taking care of it for the next generation.


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