Linde Werdelin revisits iridescent alloy design


Linde Werdelin has revisited its 2014 hit crafted from an iridescent alloy twice as hard as steel yet half the density of titanium.

The new Oktopus Moonlite White builds on its sold-out predecessor adding a white ceramic bezel with circular satin finishing to the mix, among other improvements.

Brand co-founder Morten Linde said: “Due to the unusual appearance of ALW, before we launched the Oktopus MoonLite I was uncertain about how it would be received. But when we saw the positive response to it, we knew it was something we wanted to revisit. Returning to the design is a chance to change not only one thing, but to re-evaluate it as a whole timepiece and tweak multiple elements.”


Elsewhere the upper dial, one layer of five that make up the dial, has been reworked and skeletonised further, opening up more elements, including a second aperture at the 10 o’clock position which allows the wearer to see more phases of the moon. The spaces between the photorealistic phases of the moon have also been decorated with perlage.

Jorn Werdelin, brand co-founder, adds: “The moonphase to us has real meaning. As divers, it helps us plan our next moonlit dive adventure under the full moon. Meanwhile, the octopus is a creature you would barely believe existed without photographical proof. It has eight arms, incredible speed and projects ink, but, most fascinatingly, it can change colour. This intrigued us, and we are delighted we could mimic this in the Oktopus MoonLite – White.”

As with its predecessor, the case of the Oktopus Moonlite White is constructed using ALW, or Ally Linde Werdelin, a colourless metal alloy that absorbs and reflects back light.

The watch is now available from Linde Werdelin’s website priced at £12,200 as part of a limited run of 59 pieces.

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