Linde Werdelin limited edition raises money for Ukraine


British-based watchmaker Linde Werdelin is raising money for the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal with the creation and sale of a special edition 3 Timer Ukraine with an ocean blue and bright yellow guilloché textured dial.

Only 33 numbered pieces will be created —made to order — priced at £5,500+VAT.

“We are shocked at the barbarity and inhumanity of what the Russian government and army (probably one and the same) are doing to the Ukrainian people, and the threat they pose to the peaceful and democratic living we are used to in Europe and other parts of the world,” a statement from Linde Werdelin, and signed by co-founder Jorn Werdelin, says.


“We stand firmly on the side of democracy, peace, freedom of speech and freedom of choice. Any autocratic dictatorial state and its leaders should be excluded from enjoying the benefits of free democratic societies, especially those such as Russia who actively try to destroy the values which we live by — and which they want their elites to benefit from. Exclude them from our financial, cultural, educational and other systems — just as it is happening now,” the statement continues.

“One can only hope (though hard to believe) that the Russian government will find their humanity and call an end to these atrocities while there is still time. Even if Linde Werdelin can do nothing to change this we can’t ignore it and move on as if it doesn’t concern us,” the company concludes.

Anybody interested in purchasing the 3 Timer Ukraine should contact sales@lindewerdelin.com.

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