Linde Werdelin creates special forces exclusive


 Linde Werdelin’s latest watch has been exhaustively tested beneath the waves by covert Danish special forces.

The Linde Werdelin Oktopus Frogman has been developed and tested in conjunction with the Frømandskorpset or Frogman Corps, the Naval Special Operations Force in the Danish military.

The corps’ association, Conventus Ranae, wanted a timepiece to represent the brotherly bond formed between current and past members of the Frogman Corps and turned to Linde Werdelin.


“We were aware of Linde Werdelin’s expertise as a dive watch maker and contacted them with the intention of partnering on a piece to tie us together as a unit,” explains Christian Nielsen (CK), chairman of Conventus Ranae and former patrol leader in the Frogman Corps. “This special edition Oktopus acts as a symbol for a life committed to being a combat diver.”

The Testing Development of the Oktopus Frogman became a partnership between the divers and Linde Werdelin. While every Oktopus undergoes a strict testing regime, placing it on the wrists of Frogmen proved an unprecedented challenge.

Morten Linde, Linde Werdelin co-founder, said: “It was a privilege to work with the Frogmen and to witness them crash-testing our Oktopus, truly the best environment to test our watches. Designing a timepiece worthy of them, to unite the generations, was a challenge I enjoyed. It needs to be versatile – tolerating extreme heat and cold, great heights and depths – and they needed optimal night-time visibility, a problem that required an entirely new way to apply Luminova.”

The Oktopus Frogman foregoes the usual complications in favour of a simple date window at the four o’clock position and receives an ultra-tough, single-piece titanium case. Linde also designed a unique Luminova sandwich solution to allow light to reach the luminescent numerals full all angles and optimise their performance.

Unfortunately the Oktopus Frogman is reserved solely for Frømandskorpset members, past and present, and will be engraved with the owner’s service number.

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