Linde Werdelin creates first in-house complication


London-based watch brand Linde Werdelin has created its first ever in-house complication, dubbed the Moon, which will be launch in Geneva next week housed within its new Oktopus II Moon model.

The new Oktopus II Moon timepiece features a complication conceived, developed and produced in-house by Linde Werdelin, and follows the 2010 launch of the brand’s first moonphase, which was created in a limited run of just 29 pieces.

This new Oktopus II Moon will be limited to 59 pieces, available in two versions, an 18ct rose gold and titanium line of 12 pieces, and a DLC titanium version of which 47 watches will be made.


The Oktopus II Moon Gold is limited to 12 pieces to represent the number of new moons in 2013. It features a rose gold and titanium DLC case with ceramic bezel. The full DLC  version, the Oktopus II Moon Black, has a ceramic bezel and bright blue detailing on the dial. Forty-seven of the Moon titanium cased Black watch will be made.

Jorn Werdelin said of the moonphase’s inspiration: “Moonlight creates the perfect conditions for afterhours sports activities and particularly diving. More people these days enjoy sports under the full moon. One can plan their next diving trip by checking when the next full moon is going to be.”

The Oktopus II Moon’s complication displays the existing phase of the moon on its dial and, as the moon moves clockwise through its monthly cycle, more of its surface appears on the dial.

The new watch’s dial consists of three skeletonised layers: on the bottom layer is the moon disk, a metallic cut out surface resembling the night sky. The second skeletonised layer that bears a circular Côtes de Genève pattern. The upper layer of the dial is also skeletonised and features the brand’s logo, indexes and numerals, and the watch’s three hands. All are luminous to enhance the readability of the timepiece.

The case of the watch is based on the Oktopus II model launched at Basel 2012. Both models new models have had their cases blasted with microbillé followed by hand satin and polish finishing. The movement is sealed by a titanium DLC screw in caseback featuring an octopus hand drawing by Morten Linde.

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