Linde Werdelin becomes first brand to launch pre-owned platform


Linde Werdelin is taking control of the market for its pre-owned watches by offering its own groundbreaking, official marketplace, LW Vintage.

While no Linde Werdelin watch could really be described as vintage yet, the company celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, the move makes particular sense for the brand, as its timepieces are produced in limited runs and quickly sell-out, generating demanding for historic models.

It also represents the first time a watch brand has stepped in to offer an official platform for its pre-owned watches, but with ever-growing interest in the pre-owned market it is certain not to be the last.

“As with Try It and LW by Appointment, two personalised services that we invented in 2008 and 2015 to allow people easier access to trying on a real Linde Werdelin before purchasing, LW Vintage is another customer-centric service that focuses on serving the customer,” said co-founder Jorn Werdelin. “We are taking responsibility for our historical production, now dating back 10 years, and the experience that owners have long after they buy one of our pieces.”

LW Vintage will see Linde Werdelin offer a luxury experience to the vintage marketplace with the brand matching sellers with buyers at a price agreed upon by both parties. Before the timepiece changes hands it will be fully serviced, accompanied with a new strap and a new 24-month warranty.

In the first decade of Linde Werdelin, the company has released 4,500 watches as part of 73 individual series.

“When travelling, one of my great joys is seeing older Linde Werdelin pieces on the wrists of happy owners, pieces that I may not have seen in person in years, ” explains Werdelin. “I doing limited series, once a piece is sold out it is gone; even we no longer have any. Now, with LW Vintage, we are going to see more vintage pieces popping up, and I look forward to that.”

Linde Werdelin owners interested in participating in the LW Vintage scheme can contact the brand at lwvintage@lindewerdelin.com.



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