Latest Baselworld Rolex release divides opinion


This year’s Rolex release at Baselworld has received mixed reviews from both enthusiasts and industry bods eagerly awaiting the new edition.

Rolex online forums are rife with unimpressed attitudes towards the release with many enthusiasts expecting to be wowed with new design and new tech, while some in the industry believe the move was a smart one from Rolex as it will allow for waiting lists to be reduced.

As WatchPro reported yesterday, Rolex unveiled a 2019 Oyster Perpetual GMT Master II, a white gold 40mm version of the GMT Master II that launched in steel last year and an Oyster Perpetual Day-date 36 at this year’s show among others.


As eight watches were released in total, some fans quickly took to online forums to discuss the move.

One expecting enthusiast wrote: “This release is just terrible. I knew they were not going to release a new Sub like everyone thought. And what’s with the TT Sea Dweller? Hasn’t Rolex figured out SS is the new gold?

“I thought there would be a new SS model. Don’t even get me started on the BLNR on the Jubilee bracelet. I have a BLNR and the New BLRO. Why would I want two of the same watch?”

Despite this, other people were keen to highlight the positives surrounding the new editions.

A member of a Rolex forum agrees with this point and commented: “Rolex was tired of the waiting lists so they scrapped the most popular models and introduced a couple of new models.”

Adding: “Smart move – no waiting lists anymore.”

Some have also speculated that it will allow authorised dealers to free up space as part of a long term plan for a bigger release in 2020.

Find out more on prices and the full list of releases from the Basel announcement here:

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