Larsson & Jennings launches drive to expand network of retail partners

The Larsson & Jennings Norse line is offered with quartz or automatic Swiss movements.

Larsson & Jennings is known as a Scandinavian watch brand that sells direct to consumers via its ecommerce website and branded boutique in London. But the 5-year old brand has been quietly building up a network of retail partners, particularly in the fashion market and has now hired a Paul Nolan, a watch industry veteran, to head a sales drive to get its watches stocked by independent and multiple jewellers. WatchPro caught up with Mr Nolan at the Larsson & Jennings store to find out what the brand has to offer retail partners.

WatchPro: What is the current situation with Larsson & Jennings wholesale?

Paul Nolan: The brand has grown rapidly since its inception 5 years ago through our own ecommerce site as well as our own retail premises. We have a strong wholesale presence in fashion retailers such as Liberty, Harrods and Selfridges; Nordstrom and Bloomingdales in the US. We are an exclusive watch brand with Net-A-Porter.


WatchPro: What are your aims in terms of expanding your network of retailers; what are your key targets?

Paul Nolan: Our aims are to bring the aesthetics and quality of our watches to watch retailers we feel we hit an entry price point for a Swiss Made watch with affordable luxury. Our key targets are multiples / watch specialists / Quality Independents who can help us grow the brand.

WatchPro: What is the elevator pitch to new retailers? Why should they buy into L&J ahead of other brands?

Paul Nolan: We are aligned with key market trends, being firmly positioned in the fastest growing luxury segment of the watch market. Our range of aspirational Swiss Made watches combine the highest quality materials to deliver exceptional durability that can only be offered by luxury Swiss brands. Our prices are as competitive when compared to traditional Swiss brands, as they are to Asian-made fashion brands.

The minimalist styling of the Larsson & Jennings London boutique is a key selling point of the brand.
The minimalist styling of the Larsson & Jennings London boutique is a key selling point of the brand.

WatchPro: What sort of marketing support and demand generation does L&J have for retailers?

Paul Nolan: We support in-store with luxury POS as well as providing extensive training and development to store staff so they gain a full understanding of the brand; we also offer co-op marketing.

As a young brand we have strong social media following with 158,000 Instagram followers, 90,000 Facebook, 10,000 Twitter and email database of over 100,000; the brand has created a strong foundation of loyal followers. With dedicated PR agencies in the US, UK and Asia we regularly featured in top tier press and digital publications.

The Larsson & Jennings Man and Woman is typically 21-40 years old, fashion aware, cosmopolitan, creative, self-defined and expressive.

The automatics in the Larsson & Jennings collection have Swiss made movements and detailed dials.
The automatics in the Larsson & Jennings collection have Swiss made movements, detailed dials and a sub-£1000 price.
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