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Lange & Söhne over the moon with watch that accurately tracks lunar cycle


Lange & Söhne has used SIHH as a platform to launch its newly improved Lange1 Moon Phase, which now features a new movement.

The original model, introduced in 2002, was the first to feature the popular astronomical complication. The new piece takes a new and realistic approach by combining the moon-phase display with a day/night indicator.

It is claimed by the brand that the moon phase display tracks the lunar cycle with an average duration of 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 3 seconds  so accurately that it takes 122.6 years for the display to deviate from the true synodic period by just one day.


On the display, a separate solid-gold moon pursues its orbit in the foreground. Behind it, a celestial disc – also made of solid gold – performs a revolution every 24 hours. On the disc, the different times of day are represented by varying blue hues caused by interference effects.

During the day, it shows a bright sky without stars, while at night it depicts a dark sky with contrasting laser-cut stars. Thus, the moon orbits against a realistic background that doubles as a day/night indicator when setting the watch.

The now 20th Lange calibre with a moon phase display is based on the LANGE 1 movement introduced two years ago, and it has the same performance attributes. This includes the characteristic twin mainspring barrel with a maximum power reserve of 72 hours and the precisely jumping outsize date display.

The piece is available in white gold/black, pink gold/argenté, and platinum/rhodié case/dial combinations.

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