Kronometry store targeted in latest Cannes robbery

The Cannes Kronometry store has been robbed of approximately 40 watches by armed robbers, according to media reports.

The raid comes in the same week that watches and jewellery estimated to be worth £90 million were stolen during an armed robbery at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes.

The BBC reported that staff at the Kronometry store were threatened by two robbers with a grenade and gun. The men were said to have taken approximately 40 watches, although the number has not yet been confirmed.

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The Telegraph said that Wednesday’s Kronometry robbery is the second in five months at the store.

The store is located on legendary Cannes promenade, the Croisette.

The store robbery comes in the same week as an armed robbery at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes. On Sunday, jewel-encrusted watches were said to be among items stolen during armed robbery at the French hotel. It was reported that an in-depth inventory of goods stolen has revealed the value to be approximately £90 million. Initially, the value of the goods stolen – which the report suggests included watches – was estimated to be between £30 million and £35 million.

A single gunman was said to have walked into the hotel on Sunday lunchtime and wearing a scarf over his face and a crash helmet. He didn’t fire the gun but walked into a bedroom where the jewels were being kept before putting them into a briefcase and walking out.

Additionally, jewels due to be worn by celebrities, worth about £1 million, were stolen from a hotel room at Cannes Film Festival.



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