Kronometry 1999 snaps up Ulysse Nardin smartphone


Luxury watch store Kronometry 1999 has been appointed as an authorised dealer of the Ulysse Nardin Chairman luxury hybrid smart phone.

The phone, which was created by Scientific Cellular Innovations (SCI), is among the world’s most expensive handsets.

Kronometry 1999 is already a stockist for Ulysse Nardin at its outlets, which are situated in some of the most prestigious streets in Europe, including London’s Bond Street, Monaco’s Boulevard des Moulins, and 10 other locations.

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“Kronometry 1999 was selected to host the Ulysse Nardin Chairman due to its exceptional commitment to quality. From standards of service to beautiful products, Kronometry 1999 holds the same values that are behind the Ulysse Nardin Chairman; providing unique experiences for their international clientele,” said SCI co-founder Bobby Yampolsky.

“These boutiques are galleries, showcasing the finest mechanical masterpieces; we are thrilled to offer our discerning consumers the chance to experience this luxury status symbol in a setting befitting mobile art. We warmly welcome Kronometry 1999 to our select network of Ulysse Nardin Chairman dealers.”

The Chairman is described as the ultimate accessory, pairing the historical, mechanical art of watch-making with modern technology.

The fully functional rotor creates kinetic energy in the same fashion as a wristwatch, wound automatically by the natural motion of the owner. It also incorporates a working crown that can be hand-wound.


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