Kroger closes 71 Fred Meyer Jewelers stores

Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer Jewelers, which is owned and operated by grocery giant Kroger, is closing 71 of its remaining stores.

Kroger’s corporate site says it has 256 fine jewelry stores, which includes Littman Jewelers. 160 Fred Meyers stores will continue to trade.

The aim is to close the Fred Meyer shops located within Kroger Marketplace properties, which have mini malls of different retailers alongside the major supermarkets.

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“In partnership with our parent company, Kroger, as part of our ongoing portfolio review, we have made the decision to close 71 Fred Meyer Jewelers stores inside Kroger Marketplace locations,” the company said in a statement this week.

“Kroger will repurpose the space with an eye toward their vision to serve America with food inspiration and uplift. Fred Meyer Jewelers will continue to operate more than 160 stores in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, Utah, select malls across the country, and online.”

Fred Meyer’s watches line-up includes Bulova, Citizen, Movado and G-Shock.



  2. I also have insurance on my engagement ring! I am suppose to get it clean every six months to keep the insurance valid! How do I go about getting it cleaned?

  3. I hate seeing the location in the Kroger Market Place in Gahanna Ohio close. My husband and I bought all of our jewelry there. Now I have to find a new jeweler.

  4. I have the lifetime insurance, how am I suposeto get my 4000$ ring inspected and serviced as I have broken the prongs 3 times already and haven’t had it even a year yet@?!?

  5. So disappointed in Kroger for closing down these stores. I know I spent enough money at the one near me in Texas to sustain the payroll! And then I paid for lifetime warranty for every piece of jewelry.

  6. According to their 1-800# They now want us to ship our jewelery to them every 6 months in order to keep our lifetime warranty. They say that you’ll receive it back within 2 weeks, yet they’ve had mine now for a month and are the rudest most dishonest people that I’ve ever dealt with. They need to either contract with another major jeweler like Kay to inspect jewelery in the areas in which they closed locations. This isn’t what we signed up for and they are now breaking their contract with ever single person who purchased a piece of jewelry with the lifetime warranty. These people are crooks.

  7. Where do we go for our Lifetime Warranty?
    I have several pieces including my daughter in-laws wedding set. Where does she get it serviced now?
    I loved this store but this IS so not right or fair!!

  8. I purchased a ring for my fiance & I was told weeks before Covid hit , that I would be able bring ring in & exchange for another one, but it had to be more than what I paid for it. Now question? how am I going to be able to do that now that you have closed all stores in Virginia? Please help me to understand this? I don’t like the ring I got initially & now want to invest in better one I saw there.

  9. These all are important questions that need to answered? Why is Fred Meyer not doing more for their customers? No notice, no information, obviously they do not care about their reviews. I need my wedding ring serviced as well.

  10. I want to know where our notice was that all the stores near me were closing and now my ring hasn’t been serviced on my lifetime warranty! What am I supposed to do now? Why should I have to pay twice a year to send it to you? And mailing it with insurance is going to get pricy. This is not what I paid for!

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