Krayon makes ladies watch tracking sunrise and sunset anywhere in the world


Swiss watchmaker Krayon has made quite name for itself in the four years since its first creation was revealed including winning the GPHG award for Best Watchmaking Innovation of the Year for its Everywhere Horizon in 2018.

The company’s founder and watchmaker, Rémi Maillat, is building his reputation around a movement that displays sunrise and sunset anywhere in the world.

That movement is being used for the first time in a ladies’ watch this year,


the Krayon Lady Anywhere.

The dial is ringed with a pink and blue track that a sun circles every 24 hours.

Pink is for day and dark blue is for night, and the colored segments shrink and expand depending on the location and time of year.

Tell the watch it is in northern Alaska, and the daylight segment will shrink to just a few hours in the winter. Take it south and the longer days will be shown on the dial.

It does require a Krayon watchmaker to set the watch correctly, but it can be done as many times as an owner would like.

The Cal. C030 movement is not just complicated, it is also efficient, with a power reserve of 86 hours, according to Krayon.

And it is impressively slim at 5mm, allowing the Lady Anywhere’s 18ct gold case to be made just 9mm thick and 39mm across.

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