Konstantin Chaykin evokes emotion with latest clown watch


Russian watchmaker Konstantin Chaykin has announced the release of his latest watch, Grimaldi the Clown.

In doing so, Chaykin has described the importance of emotion in the modern world and has incorporated this into the design.

He explained: “Nowadays, when smartphones and smart watches are taking over from traditional watches as devices for telling the time, mechanics can, and indeed must, give emotions.”


On the design of this new watch, he added: “Standing above everything else is the incredible emotionality of the first Clown, and his ability to captivate the audience with his subtle acting and quick reactions.

“It is no wonder that his contemporaries remarked that the only way to appreciate the skill of Grimaldi was to see him live on stage.”

More or less the same can be said of the watches of the Wristmons collection. They need to be seen

The dial of this timepiece is made in hues typical of the first Joker and many other Wristmons while the name of the watch, on the bezel of the steel case, is written in Baroque script – chosen by Konstantin Chaykin exclusively for this model.

The same font is used in the minute- and hourmarkers of the branded Joker-indication time indicator discs, made in the form of the character’s eyes.

The caseback features a sapphire window – the first watch in the Clown series to be given this, which can be sued to see the entire disc rotor of the automatic winding system.

Finally, for the Grimaldi the Clown timepiece, Chaykin has chosen to adorn it with decorative overlays featuring the name of the watch, the manufacture, and a circus tent in the centre – in the form of a solar ring with the manufacture’s logo.

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