Konstantin Chaykin creates the Martian tourbillon


Inspired by Abraham-Louis Breguet’s work 226 years ago inventing the tourbillon, Konstantin Chaykin has this year created the Martian tourbillon.

Watchmakers include a tourbillon in their timepieces for a number of reasons, including the precise measurement of time, for setting records for precision at chronology competitions and for demonstrating the skills of a watchmaker.

Since the tourbillon’s intricate, challenging design is by no means attainable for everyone, Chaykin says the only reason missing in the cosmic age is to create a tourbillon which could be used by conquerors of other planets.


This has been resolved by Konstantin Chaykin with the first-ever Martian tourbillon in the history of watchmaking – the Martian Tourbillon Only Watch 2021 Piece Unique.

The new conceptual watch is a symbolic merger of three developments used by the Russian master in different periods of his creativity.

First of all, true stainless bulat steel, first used in the Lunokhod watch and later in the Joker Selfie watch, created as a unique piece for the charity auction Only Watch 2019.

Secondly, a joker-indication, invented by Chaykin in 2017 for his Joker watch and other models of the Wristmons collection.

And thirdly, the Mars Time Program and watch mechanisms and functions invented by Konstantin Chaykin, designed for use in space travel and on Mars.

On 22nd September of this year at Monaco’s prestigious Monaco Yacht Show, a world tour of the best examples of haute horlogerie begins, created for the charity watch auction Only Watch 2021.

It is for the auction and the cause that Konstantin Chaykin has created the unique wristwatch Martian Tourbillon Only Watch 2021 Piece Unique, with the world’s first-ever Martian tourbillon, making a rotation every 61.65 seconds – the length of one Mars minute – and hands set up to indicate Martian time.

It is also worth noting that this is the first tourbillon wristwatch entirely created in Russia.

This watch features the world’s first implementation of a Martian calendar complication, which operates according to the calendar system algorithm developed by the American engineer Thomas Gangale.

The Martian Tourbillon Only Watch 2021 Piece Unique wristwatch is the Russian master’s first wristwatch with a tourbillon, as well as being the first tourbillon in the world that functions synchronously with the rotation of Mars.

The movement of the watch – the hand-wound Calibre K.22-0 – was developed from scratch.

At its heart is a Martian tourbillon with an ‘alpha’ carriage design, used in all of Chaykin’s tourbillons.

The uniquely-designed balance with two spokes and miniature regulating cam was created by Chaykin and developed for a Martian frequency of 19800 semioscillations per hour according to Mars time, which equals 19270 semi-oscillations per hour in Earth time.

For this watch, Konstantin Chaykin created a unique skeletonized dial with Joker-indication – the Joker Martian face.

The trademark smile of the Wristmons no longer tracks the phases of the Moon, instead indicating the date according to the Martian calendar, with months consisting of 28 sols.

The date is marked using a hypothetical Martian system of calculation, which Konstantin Chaykin imagined for this watch.

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