Klokers launches second model on Kickstarter


Fresh from the success of the highest profile watch Kickstarter this year, start-up Klokers has unleashed its second watch model on the world this afternoon.

The KLOK-01 Kickstarter project still has 18 days remaining but raised its 50,000 Euro target in just eight minutes. It currently stands at 433,000 Euros.

Keen to capitalise on the attention generated by the KLOK-01 headlines, founders Nicolas Boutherin, president and artistic director, and Richard Piras, chief executive officer, have a second model up their sleeves, as part of what is clearly a carefully orchestrated launch strategy.

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KLOK-02, a push button worldtimer, is all set to launch on Kickstarter this afternoon. The watch displays minutes and sweeping seconds across two retrograde scales set across the uppermost, open portion of the dial. The lower half of the dial is shrouded with a leather-look cover through which two apertures display jumping hours and city. The design appears to reflect vintage cameras of the 1950s and 1960s.

Twenty four cities can be selected with a press of the pusher at the four o’clock, while a longer press displays the date.

The watch also follows the detachable watch head concept introduced with the KLOK-01 which allows Klokers watches to be worn on straps and a number of accessories.

The KLOK-02 is now available via its Kickstarter campaign priced at 985 Euros.

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