Klokers gains overwhelming Kickstarter support for new line … again


Klokers’ winning streak on Kickstarter is continuing with a campaign that hit its €80,000 goal in just 7 minutes after going live ahead of the launch of its Klok 08 model.

The team at Klokers are not new to success on Kickstarter. Back in October 2015 a 45-day funding campaign raised over €605,000 for two pieces: the KLOK-01 and 02.

Born in 2015 from two cofounders: Nicolas Boutherin and Richard Piras, the team has grown today to more than 20 members. The company focuses on creating affordable Swiss-made watches that show the time using an unusual double rotating disc system.


The 08 watch uses the same dual disc system as earlier models but. at 39mm, its stainless steel case is the smallest in the KLOK line.

The wristwatches have a quick release system for new straps, and can also be mounted on a Klockers stand, turning it into a desk or bedside clock.

With 29 days to go (on November 9) the Klokers 08 Kickstarter campaign has raised €314,000 and the company has added a stretch target of €450,000.


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