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‘Keeper of Time’ documentary crowdfunding campaign launches on Kickstarter


A crowdfunding campaign has launched on Kickstarter to raise money for a feature-length documentary into the history of horology.

Organisers behind the campaign are hoping it will raise $100,000 in 35 days for the film by Michael Culyba.

Currently in the production phase, the film will explore the history of horology, mechanical watchmaking and will look into the concept of time itself.


Mr Culyba said: “Two years ago I bought myself a nice watch for my birthday. Knowing next to nothing about mechanical watches I began researching how they work. I was instantly struck by the extraordinary engineering and craftsmanship that goes into a making fine timepieces.  This initial curiosity soon led to a passion for horology, ultimately leading to the making of Keeper of Time.”

The documentary will feature interviews with horological experts and top watchmakers from around the world including François-Paul Journe, Max Büsser and Roger W. Smith.

They will feature alongside Dr. Demetrios Matsakis, chief scientist of Time Services at the U.S. Naval Observatory and Dr. Patrizia Tavella, director of the Time Department at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures among others.

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