Kaiser Time adds digital and ecommerce expertise to its watch retailing consultancy


Kaiser Time has teamed up with Thornton Digital Consulting to launch a new service for watch and jewelry retailers needing to fire up their ecommerce offer.

Thorton Digital Consulting was created by Deana Thornton (pictured top), who spent over a decade working with Fortune 500 retailers to build and grow their digital presence through integrated marketing, merchandising and customer experience strategies.

Kaiser Time’s CEO, Steve Kaiser, will bring more than 20 years’ experience of working with specialist jewelry and watch retailers to a service designed to help clients go digital.


“We are so excited to be able to work with Deana in offering our retail partners the knowledge and know how to position themselves for success in this new retail climate,” explains Mr Kaiser.

“In order for our industry to be competitive in a digital marketplace, there is a crucial need to facilitate the development of a more sophisticated online presence at the retail level; by working closely with Deana, we can develop strategic solutions that are catered to the unique needs of our industry.”

Ms Thornton has worked with organizations as diverse as Mailchimp and Saks Fifth Avenue, and will bring that experience to retailers looking to optimize their websites, improve customer relationship management, develop multi-channel campaign strategies, understand digital analytics, automate marketing and fire up an ecommerce offer.

“Kaiser Time has a proven track record of understanding the unique needs of fine jewelry and timepiece retailers and can adeptly identify where there are opportunities for improvement and growth,” says Ms Thornton. “Through our partnership, I am confident that we will provide effective solutions enabling key retailers to successfully compete in a challenging online market, while positioning them for long-term growth.

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