Junghans makes Max Bill box set in celebration of the Bauhaus artist’s influence


Junghans is continuing its 160th anniversary celebrations with the unveiling of a box set of three Max Bill watches.

Max Bill was a famous Bauhaus artist in the mid-20th century, and Junghans started work with him five years before the first watches were made in his name in 1956.

The purist, iconic design codes of the watch created at the time carry through to the present day in three watches sold as a set named Max Bill Edition Set 60, which are being made in a limited run of just 1,060 units.


The set contains a Max Bill Automatic (below right), a MEGA Kleine Sekunde (below left) and a Regulator (top) and is priced in the USA at $4,900.

Each of the watches has the same colour scheme of anthracite, beige grey and orange.

Their case backs are engraved with Edition 60 and Max Bill’s signature.

Click here to find out more about Junghans.

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