Junghans maintains minimalistic styling for 100th anniversary of Bauhaus


A 100th anniversary would normally be a time to break out the bunting and party poppers, but that is not the way for disciples of Bauhaus and its minimalistic design philosophy.

Germany’s Junghans is keeping the volume down low for its Bauhaus centenary watch, which is a classic three-handed Max Bill Automatic that maintains the form follows mantra and focuses on making it as easy as possible to simply tell the time.

Its matte silver dial commemorates the white walls of the building in Dessau where Bauhaus acolyte Mr Bill studied and its anthracite colored case is representative of its striking fascia.


Guaranteeing ideal readability thanks to their clear and simplistic form, the red hands mirror the color design of the famous red doors of the Bauhaus in Dessau.

Junghans does not do clear case backs exposing its watches’ movements, but the anniversary watch does have a window resembling one from the building.

Discover Junghans:

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