Junghans celebrates geometric art of the Bauhaus movement on 2017 Max Bills


Junghans has released a special edition of its Max Mill classic collection.

The watch embodies the Bauhaus philosophy, reflecting the core motto of “form follows function” in every detail.

The dial of the watch conforms to the architectural and artistic movement’s love of simplicity.


On the case back a range of prints known as “grafische reihen” (graphic series) are presented.

The “grafische  reihen” are a series of geometric forms based on mathematical rules.

“The artist referred to his work as “a pure interaction of form and colour … the sole purpose of which is to delight with its existence”. It was created in the early years of his career (1935-1938), after attending the Bauhaus in Dessau, founded as an art school by Walter Gropius,” Junghans explains.


The Junghans Max Nill Edition 2017 is available in two variants: with a lined index dial for admirers of absolute purism or a dial featuring the Max Bill typography with Arabic numbers for the hour markers.

Both versions are equipped with a special strap featuring the colours used in “variation 1” on the lining leather.

Junghans is distributed in the UK by The Blue Company.

max bill Edition 2017_041_4763_00

max bill Edition 2017_041_4762_00_back


max bill Edition 2017_041_4762_00


max bill Edition 2017_041_4763_00_back

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