Junghans celebrates anniversary year with exclusive Meister S Chronoscope Platin Edition


In celebration of its anniversary year, Junghans has enhanced the sportiness of its Meister S Chornoscope with a new and exclusive iteration.

Crafted from platinum and limited to just 12 unique pieces worldwide, the Meister S Chronoscope Platin Edition 160 is a watch which offers real exclusivity for the brand.

The case, pushers and screwed crown of the Meister S Chronoscope are produced from polished platinum PT950 and with durable sapphire crystal, designers say this collector’s item will retain its beauty and value for all time.


The face of the Meister S Chronoscope also exhibits sporty attributes with skeletonized hands, while bowl-shaped totalisers typical of the Meister range, are set into the dial.

An individual limitation number for each unique piece is printed on the hour counter of the watch’s stop function, ensuring that every one of the twelve timepieces is one of a kind.

This method of displaying the limitation, assigned to a different hour marker on each watch, was actually unveiled by Junghans for the first time in 2008 and is copyright protected by the watch manufacturer.

The strap comprises a combination of high quality Louisiana alligator leather strap and synthetic rubber which fits snugly around the wrist of the wearer.

The leather is crafted from select pieces with and emphasises the stylish elegance of the watch in the grey hue coordinated with the dial.

Synthetic rubber and a platinum clasp are also favourable to the durability required for sporting activities.

The brand says the Meister S Chronoscope Platin Edition 160 combines the traditional exclusivity of the Meister series with a modern sporty design, something it has certainly achieved.

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