Jordi seeks UK retail partners for luxury range


It’s rare that you find a young watch brand that has the foresight to develop an entire product range around its timepieces but that’s exactly what Jordi was showcasing at Basel.

The Jura-based watchmaker Michel Jordi creates watches with smooth, rounded cases inspired by the natural weather polishing of stones and pebbles with faces bearing an ancient Swiss papercut motif and double date window.

Not content with producing luxurious, visually powerful Swiss timepieces at competitive prices, Jordi has embraced the papercut motif as a brand signature and rolled it out across a coherent ecosystem of supporting luxury products.

The product range, sold as a complete collection at the brand’s sole boutique in Zurich and through retailers within the Swiss market, includes exquisite iridescent silk scarves and ties, shirts and beautifully constructed leather goods.

Now Michel and his son Raphael, Jordi’s marketing and communications manager, are keen to move the brand into international markets including the UK and are in discussions with several retailers.



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