Jewellery & Watch Preview: Storm brings candy-coloured jewel watches to J&W


Storm is never short of design ideas and will once again be blowing into Birmingham with a vast array of new watch styles across every genre.

Jewel colours remain a key part of the collections, with a new women’s line using bold coloured faces in rose gold, yellow gold, and silver metal coloured cases.

The brand’s signature bold laser blue and purple dials run through the line up including the new smooth-edged curve of Zuzori, an update to the successful Zila.


Storm is cornering the market for women who want an affordable watch to match the outfits they buy. “From the minimalistic design of the Morezi, to the attractive heart charm of the Charmella, Storm watches are must have accessories that add sparkle and enhance any outfit,” the company says.


Men have not been forgotten, and this season sees the launch of the Special Edition Radiation-X, which plays with the radiation hazard symbol.

Cuff watches are also back including the newly introduced Benzo watch, which functions as two watches in one: with the cuff, it is a chunky masculine statement, but removing the cuff makes it sleeker for a more formal occasion.


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