Jean-Claude Biver says he will never do another watch brand

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With over 40 years’ as a leader in the Swiss watch industry, it is inevitable that Jean-Claude Biver receives plenty of offers to buy or manage new watch brands now he is retired from the daily running of LVMH’s watchmaking division.

But in a wide-ranging question and answer session with Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons senior marketing director Milika Yazdjerdi, the 71-year-old executive  said: “I hope I will never do another brand.”

“Do I have such an ego I need to do it again for myself?” he asked rhetorically during a forum at Dubai Watch Week.

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“No. My job now it so to help and to give back,” he added.

He also told WatchPro in a separate interview that it would be very difficult to assemble the sort of team he created at LVMH, since his key people all have roles at other watch companies.

Mr Biver spoke forcefully in his belief that the traditions of the Swiss watch industry would endure and thrive in a world where so much is disposable and quickly obsolete.

“The more we are surrounded by objects that we know are going to die, the more we want something eternal and that is the art of watchmaking. A watch is eternal and it is art. It connects you to god, to tradition, to love, to dreams. Goddamn, what else can do that,” he urged.

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