Jaeger-LeCoultre embraces e-commerce and digital marketing

Deputy CEO, Geoffroy Lefebvre

Jaeger-LeCoultre is demonstrating how a new generation of younger, more digitally educated, executives at Richemont Group are advancing sales and marketing for traditional Swiss watchmakers.

The company’s recently appointed deputy CEO, Geoffroy Lefebvre, speaks with ease and authority about social media, e-commerce and omnichannel retail; signaling a new era for the venerable JLC brand.

In an interview with luxury magazine Prestige, Mr Lefebvre, says that the brand wants its digital and physical operations to work in harmony.

“For me it’s complementary. E-commerce is a way to draw people into physical stores, not push them away. We have to use digital to drive more traffic into our boutiques to bring the people to the brand, so that they enjoy the real physical experience,” he describes.

Not only is the brand optimistic about the use of online, but it believes the use of technology will do nothing but improve customers’ experiences. “In the future, being able to offer the entire boutique of Jaeger-LeCoultre online, being able to offer click and collect, being able to offer, I don’t know, an Uber delivery service of our products,” he muses.

Mr Lefebvre also explained the importance of social media in reaching out to the new, younger generation of buyers. The brand’s Instagram has 475,000 followers.



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