Jacob Jensen updates its iconic Classic collection with striking bi-color designs


Jacob Jensen’s Classic collection, which was designed in 1985 by the company founder’s son Timothy Jacob Jensen, was such an instant design hit that it was selected within a year to be included in the Museum of Modern Art in New York as part of its permanent Design Study Collection.

The watch has been re-issued many times since the 1980s and is getting a fresh look for 2019 in a modern bi-color design that builds on the iconic visual elements of its predecessors

The two-toned dial, case and strap create contrasts of light, while the hands seem to appear and disappear against the dial background as they move.

The stainless steel 2019 models have a slight chamfer on the dial that adds depth.

The gentleman’s model 515 comes in black and silver with mesh strap while the Ladies’ 525 piece comes in either black and silver or gold and silver.




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