Is this the most accurate fake Rolex ever produced?

Rolex Daytona Fake

Watchfinder has demonstrated the lengths that copycats are going to in order to reproduce counterfeit versions of Rolex watches after uncovering what it suggests could be the most accurate replica yet.

Two years ago, the pre-owned watch specialist investigated just how far fake watches had come when it compared a real Rolex Submariner with a false one – and it says the task of identifying Rolex watches has since become even harder.

The company got its hands on a fake Rolex Daytona 116500 LN, which has been designed to fool all but the most avid Rolex experts.

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Watchfinder said that while the replication of high-end watches is becoming more advanced, it was able to detect the unit was a fake due to “clues” in the delicacy of the finishing.

It explained: “The mirror finish of the polished dial furniture lacks the lustre of the genuine, slightly dulled by the machine application over the finer hand-polished gloss of the Rolex. Edges are coarser, handled with less care, losing the catch of light they should have when the watch is angled just so.

The fake Rolex Daytona 116500 LN…
…and the real version.

“It’s a similar story with the print, the precision of the plates used to isolate the ink lacking the final detailing needed to get the thin, crisp lettering the genuine watch wears on its dial.”

The company added that the precision of the fit is lacking in the fake as well, with the bracelet end-links showing gaps. The intricate detailing between the knurls of the crown and pushers also don’t reach the same level of even application found in the Rolex, either.

However, it did note that a watch like this would have previously carried a replica ETA 7750, or a Chinese Seagull chronograph or something like that.

“Not anymore. This isn’t a movement made to look like a 4130—it is a replica 4130, right down to the last detail. There’s a balance bridge, a column wheel, the trademark purple reversing wheels—even the select use of gold screws has been matched.”


  1. Nope, This fake is already 7 months out of date – the new fakes movement is already way ahead of that. I just wrote an article for Midwest Pawn Magazine with photos. Once published I will release it.
    Adam R. Harris – Author and lecturer of “Replica or Real” – Identifying The Genuine From The Fake
    (formerly (Luxury or Lie_

    1. I’d like to know where to find a good replica if you could point me. Not to wear but to put in a bugout bag as a barter item.

  2. These super fakes do not keep the same timing, And, although the points in comparison are accurate (correct model, correct endpiece number, correct, bracelet markings, correct movement caliber number etc), they fail the quality level. The counterfeiter’s manufacturing process will always fall short due to mass production needs and tooling processes. Although these comparisons in this article of fake to original look amazingly close, if you had the ability to zoom in to the detail (like you would if the watch was in your hands), you would see the quality difference in key areas. But the fact is, people get burned because they can’t imagine a fake being this accurate and they allow one or two red flags to go by the wayside when those one or two issues should be the deal breaker. If you force yourself to take a methodical, step by step approach to identification, you can spot the fakes and avoid the scams..

    Anthony @ Watch Certification Services of America (

    1. Anthony, I do believe that your comment(s) are of value: “one or two issues should be a deal breaker”. Absolutely, not that I know much on that matter but sometimes we need to put our feelings aside and act more like a robot than a human being when analyzing a watch. The desire to make a fake a real one because of any rational human reason has led more than one to a financial mistake and therefore an emotional one later on.
      Lets call a fake a fake and a real a real as hard as it is sometimes for a human being.(just realizing while reading my comment how philosophical it is, un-robot like, not prone to good watch expert, if ever).

  3. The depth of the lies some be people tell themselves…
    “These super fakes do not keep the same timing,”
    That may have been true decades past, but MANY replicas are within 2 seconds a day.

    “The counterfeiter’s manufacturing process will always fall short due to mass production needs and tooling processes.
    You’re right, up until the clone movement gets sent to a good watchsmith. Cleqning, lubricating, and hand polishing will turn that “fake”. 4130 into everything you’d expect to see in a watch bought from a dealer.

  4. Two years ago, I purchased a Rolex replica, the quality is not what I expected at all, to my disappointment, it worked only one year, what a hell!

  5. Rolex will only sell to its high-end customers that have purchased a lot in the past so you might as well buy a fake since Rolex doesn’t want your money. You will never get a GMT, Daytona or Submariner’s except double markup so might as well buy a fake.

    1. There’s definitely a lot of truth tho your comment. Almost 100% dead on. I’ve had the best luck meeting the people Rolex want to sell to. The ones who have a watch collection. And when they get the itch to sell one to buy it off them. Depending on your relationship they usually are fair in what they want in resale. And I always make sure it has box papers, the last Yachtmaster I bought even had the original purchase receipt with it.

      But yeah good luck walking in to a Rolex dealer and thinking your going to be able to have them order you one. They won’t even let you put a deposit down on one.

      You would have a better chance of playing pick up sticks with your butt cheeks then getting a new Rolex with out having a relationship with a dealer.

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