Introducing The World’s Greatest Showrooms

Rob Corder.

I would like to introduce you to a brand new WATCHPRO publication, we have named The  World’s Greatest Showrooms.

It is a book designed to inspire and celebrate outstanding store design and in-store customer services from the best examples on the planet.

The 80-page print publication is on its way to all WATCHPRO subscribers, but we are are also sharing all of the profiles online.


It has been an eye-opening experience scouring the globe to discover innovation and creativity on every continent. There are certain to be examples we have not featured in this year’s edition, but we hope to update the Greatest Showrooms every year with new and refurbished stores.

We have divided the inaugural list of 40 showrooms into four categories: Monobrand Watches, Monobrand Jewellery, Multibrand Watches & Jewellery, and New or Refurbished.

Some showrooms might have appeared in more than one chapter.

Parisian flagships for Cartier and Chanel, for example, shine a light on the jewellery and watches of these iconic brands, but we have placed them in the Monobrand Jewellery category, because that is their predominate business.

As we enter 2023, the quality of the environment and in-store expertise — horological, gemological or commercial — has never been more important.

After a spike in online sales for luxury watches during the pandemic, ecommerce has settled back to represent a relatively small percentage of sales for all-but the biggest and most powerful brands and retailers.

Customers understand the value of long term loyalty to their favorite showrooms, but the owners of these glittering destinations must not take that loyalty for granted. They need to constantly delight clients, and make them glad they have chosen the full in-store experience.

Showrooms have evolved in recent years into places focused as much on hospitality as they are on retail transactions, a trend that is unlikely to be reversed.

That is why hundreds of millions of dollars are pouring into opening or refurbishing the most spectacular showrooms in global cities like New York, Paris, Tokyo, Dubai, London and Singapore.

I hope you enjoy reading and browsing the profiles and pictures as much as I have enjoyed compiling them.

If you have suggestions for the 2024 edition, please drop me a line any time at rob.corder@itp.com.

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