Interest trebles in London Watch Show 2014


Visitor registrations for the 2014 London Watch Show have trebled compared to the same period last year, with more than four-times as many retailers asking to attend, according to analysis of registration data.
There has been a notable surge of registrations since the beginning of March, when a major promotional campaign kicked off with WatchPro magazine and on WatchPro.com.
The current total of pre-registered visitors stands at 812, comfortably on track to double the pre-registered total of 1344 in 2013.
“Our analysis predicts we will reach around 2500 pre-registrations, which should ensure over 1250 visitors over the two days of the London Watch Show,” says event director Daniel Malins.
Asked for the primary reason they intend to visit the London Watch Show, almost 40% of those registering say they are “evaluating watches for their stores”. 80% of visitors from these retailers say they “make the purchasing decisions for their store”.
312 retailers visited the London Watch Show last year, a total likely to double in 2014, the event organiser claims.
The London Watch Show takes place from July 6-7 at Freemasons’ Hall in London’s Covent Garden.



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